Our Team

Endure Gaming is a North American eSports organization founded in November of 2021 in Massachusetts by a friend group of gamers. We have put together a team of skilled and experienced staff to bring our dreams to reality.


We want to be the stepping stone for undiscovered talent.

What we do

Our competitive and content focus is currently Valorant, but we will be venturing into other games such as Apex Legends and League of Legends. We recently started our journey in the FGC, and have welcomed the scene with open arms. 


Community Events

The ITS A PARK discord is the designated community discord for Team Endure. 
We want to create a safe and welcoming space to everyone in the gaming community, and at the same time, support all the talent that joins our server. We host tournaments, watch parties, and more!
Join our MC server and help us build a beautiful city.  
To get whitelisted: discord.gg/itsapark



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