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What Sets Us Apart

Our Story


My name is Konica, I am the owner and one of the founders of Endure Gaming, LLC. 

I started this company in November, 2021, with 3 of my most trusted and supportive friends. COVID-19 was rough for a lot of people, including me. I lost my job after my company was acquired. I worked late hours, sometimes during dinner, even midnight as clients and vendors were international. On my last day I didn't hear from management; no goodbye, nothing. My last day was just... My last day. I felt really unmotivated and uninspired after that. I had trouble finding a job, and I was barely eating trying to save money for rent and bills.


I eventually found a job that was fitting, but, I realized I was really unhappy working for other people; people I didn't trust. I didn't like the idea of being considered "dispensable." So I decided to start my own business, a gaming content and eSports organization, in hopes of providing support that's needed to succeed in this industry. At first I thought, "that's unachievable," but after speaking with a few friends, they all encouraged me with such kind words. "If anyone is to succeed doing this, it's you."     

During this journey I've come across many passionate gamers. At the end of the day, we want to work with like-minded, hard working individuals that want to improve for themselves, while supporting each other in the process. We endure together. I'm thankful for the current team we have, and the members that will join us in the future.

Thanks for trusting me. 



- Konica

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